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Flyboarding Lessons

Flyboarding is a new exhilarating water sport you can learn easily in our beginner flight class. Flyboarding is actually quite easy with most people able to maintain short flights after just 5-10 minutes in the water.

Flyboarding classes are available for those 10 yrs and older (must weigh 100 lbs.). At the beginner level we keep flights at a safe height so it does not hurt when you fall. Lessons are mandatory before you are able to rent the setup for practicing intermediate tricks. The flyboard rental includes a instructor/throttle operator. SPI Watersports has all the flyboarding gear, and certified instructors.


WARNING!! Flyboarding can be very exciting, if you don't like excitement we do rent kayaks.


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Flyboarding Lessons Prices


$ 79 .00 12 mins.
  • 30 mins. ground school
  • 12 mins. fly time each
  • Double your time for $50 extra
  • Minimum 3 people
  • Go out one at a time
  • Great photos


$ 149 .00 24 mins.
  • 30 mins. ground school
  • 24 mins. fly time
  • No waiting for your turn
  • Great photos
  • $249 for 2 person private

Flyboarding Information

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