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Surfing Lessons

Surf lessons on South Padre Island are a fun way to learn the water sport you always dreamed of trying. South Padre Island offers some incredible surf lesson conditions and is beginner friendly with manageable waves, soft sand sea floor, and warm temperatures. SPI Water Sports makes the rest easy with large and stable surfboards that are specifically designed to learn on. Soft-tops and bendable fins make sure that accidents don’t happen, and your family and friends stay safe.

Surfing on South Padre Island, Texas is the original water sport that started it all. The best waves in the Gulf of Mexico come ashore here on S. Padre, and we offer lessons and rentals for all ages and ability levels. Soft-top longboard surfboards make learning easy and safe for all beginners. Additionally, a large selection of surfboards shapes and sizes are in stock available for renting.

Surfing Lessons Prices - Per Person


$ 59 .00 1 hr class
  • Board included
  • Life Jacket included
  • Minimum 3 people


$ 79 .00 1 hr class
  • Board included
  • Life Jacket included
  • Bring a friend for additional $79

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